Multi Club Visit at St Pauls

Light Blues Clubs Gather at the Lodge of St Pauls

Prorsum Semper has always fostered excellent relationships with clubs from around England and Wales and most especially those from bordering counties. This was evident at a gathering after a invite from Prorsum Semper Secretary and WM of St Pauls – Scott Redpath. The visit was set up with the Cubit Club reaching out to neighbouring provinces to join together in combined lodge visits. This soon escalated into a to multi club conference with attendance from  Cubit club (Worcestershire), Colonnade (South Wales). Brethren also came from Swindon, Wiltshire.

Portland streets capacity was put to the test with around 60 in attendance in a packed lodge room for the Initiation of Mr Matthew Goodwin, a serving British Army officer, whose late father, Frank Clifford, was a member of the lodge for many years. Frank was a strong supporter of the lodge of instruction and new members in general. It was therefore a fitting tribute to Frank that his son should be initiated in front of such a gathering.

The meeting was attended by  Ian Davies APGM (Vice President of Prorsum Semper), Michael Dykes APGM Worcestershire (President of the Cubit club), Brody Swain Grand Pursuivant and 7 masters of other lodges.

The evening raised £250 for Cheltenham Open Door – To Read more about this wonderful Charity and the Lodge of St Pauls continuted support please see the article on Glosmasons click here.

The Cubit Club are keen to host a reciprocal visit to their province to continue to forge strong links between our clubs across Provinces.

We thank Scott Redpath for the articles and Brody Swain for providing the excellent photos.

Prorsum Semper Gloucestershire light Blues Freemasons

Prorsum Semper Festive Social – Record Turnout

The Prorsum Semper Festive Social started life as an impromptu call out to Light Blue Freemasons in Gloucestershire. Prorsum Semper secretary and stalwart, Scott Redpath, set out for a few drinks in Cheltenham in 2022 to celebrate a fantastic year back in lodge following the significant disruptions of the pandemic. This event quickly snowballed into a 25 strong turnout of Freemasons and friends. Indeed, on the official visit to St Lawrence Lodge in October we saw one of the attendees initiated. Which you can read about here.

Fast forward a year: Keen to build on this success, the Prorsum Semper Festive Social was scheduled for 30th December in Cheltenham. This years social did not disappoint, a total turnout of close to 50 was no doubt a welcome spike in takings for the venue. What is even more exciting is that the event was made up of Dark and Light Blue Freemasons and 5 potential candidates all keen to join Gloucestershire Freemasonry in 2024.

The day was a fantastic success and a great example of the social side of Freemasonry that extends beyond our lodge doors. We thank all those that attended to make this event such a great success, most especially those that travelled from as far as Bristol to attend and even one Brother coming back from Devon to make the event.

Prorsum Semper’s September Official Visit to St Lawrence Lodge 5928 – 20th September 2023

Freemasonry, a fraternity with deep-rooted traditions and values, has always thrived on the bonds of brotherhood and the initiation of new members into its ranks. Prorsum Semper, the Light Blues Club of Gloucestershire, has been playing an integral role in ensuring the growth and vitality of Freemasonry by fostering connections and introducing potential candidates to this ancient and noble craft. The recent September official visit of Prorsum Semper to St Lawrence Lodge 5928 at the Stroud Masonic Centre was a testament to their commitment and effectiveness in attracting new candidates for Freemasonry.

The highlight of the evening was the initiation of Tony Stuart, a Brother who had attended Prorsum Semper’s social events on previous occasions. Tony’s journey into Freemasonry was excellently performed by WBro John Marsden and his formidable team, showcasing the dedication and precision that underlie the rituals and ceremonies of the craft.

The initiation ceremony was not just a solemn occasion; it was a testament to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Prorsum Semper fosters within the fraternity. After the initiation, the evening continued with a festive board that featured hearty food and the company of brothers. The power of camaraderie in Freemasonry was on full display, as individuals from diverse backgrounds came together to celebrate Tony’s initiation.

The event saw a strong turnout, with ten Prorsum Semper Brothers in attendance. Among them was WBro Scott Redpath, our Prorsum Semper Secretary, who had just been installed as a Master the night before at St Paul’s Lodge 8229.

The occasion was also made special by the presence of two of the newest Brothers, Neil Jones and Spike Chandler, who have, in the last year, been initiated as Entered Apprentices. Their experience at St Lawrence Lodge was a positive one, and they will undoubtedly share stories of how they were warmly welcomed by the members of this wonderful lodge and the Brothers of Prorsum Semper. The fraternity’s commitment to mentoring and guiding new members was evident in the care and hospitality extended to Neil and Spike.

Assistant Provincial Grand Master Ian Davies, a staunch supporter of Prorsum Semper, was also in attendance, adding to the sense of occasion. His presence underscored the importance of this official visit and the support that Prorsum Semper receives from the wider Masonic community.

Visiting other lodges and engaging with fellow Freemasons is at the heart of Prorsum Semper’s mission. This September official visit to St Lawrence Lodge served as a testament to its success in fostering meaningful connections and introducing new members to the craft.

As Prorsum Semper looks forward to the future, they hope to build on this fantastic attendance and continue their mission of growing and strengthening the Masonic community. The invitation is extended to all to join them at their next meeting at May Hill 8056 on the 28th of November, another lodge that holds a special place in their hearts and is presided over by Prorsum Semper regular WBro Jason Marfell.

In conclusion, the September official visit of Prorsum Semper to St Lawrence Lodge 5928 was a resounding success, reinforcing the bonds of brotherhood and welcoming new members into the Masonic fold. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the evening, coupled with the precision of the initiation ceremony, served as a testament to the enduring appeal of Freemasonry and the dedication of Prorsum Semper in promoting its values and traditions.

Welcome Back, Brethren, to an Exciting Season of Freemasonry!

Dear Brethren,

As the warm embrace of summer gradually transitions into the crisp embrace of autumn, it is with great excitement that we extend a heartfelt welcome back to each and every one of you, our esteemed members of Prorsum Semper. We trust that your summer was rejuvenating, and we’re thrilled to usher in a season of Freemasonry filled with promise, connection, and growth.

Official Visiting Schedule

As part of our commitment to fostering fraternity, we have prepared an official visiting schedule that will allow our members to explore the rich tapestry of Freemasonry across Gloucestershire. It’s a chance to experience the unique traditions and rituals of different lodges, strengthen connections with fellow Masons, and expand your knowledge. You can find all of these events scheduled on our events page, please put them in your diaries.

Social Events Across the Province

But that’s not all! In the middle and northern regions of Gloucestershire, we have an array of social events lined up to follow in the footsteps of our initial “Five Points of Fellowship” gathering. These events will provide you with the perfect platform to socialize, network, and continue to build the strong relationships that Freemasonry is known for.

Stay Connected: Our Website, WhatsApp and Facebook

We’re excited to unveil our newly curated website. We hope you find it both informative and user-friendly. Over the coming months and years, we are dedicated to further developing this digital space to better serve our members. It will be a hub of information, resources, and updates that will keep you connected and engaged in the world of Prorsum Semper. In addition we will shortly be relaunching our Prorsum Semper WhatsApp Group, a social space for Brethren to share their experiences, ask questions and communicate about upcoming events; if you wish to be added to the group please ask an existing member or send an email into the Prorsum Semper team. As always, please stay engaged with our Facebook group and encourage other ‘Light Blues’ to join.

Embrace Freemasonry, Inside and Out

As we embark on this new season, we encourage each of you to fully embrace your Freemasonry journey. Take the knowledge and inspiration gained from our gatherings and bring it back to your respective lodges. Share your experiences, engage in meaningful discussions, and continue to elevate the principles that Masonry stands for.

Reach Out to the Prorsum Semper Network

Remember, you are never alone in this journey. Whether you have questions, need guidance, or simply want to connect, the Prorsum Semper network is here for you, no matter how small or big your query might be. Reach out to your brethren, seek mentorship, and let us help you make the most of your experience.

In closing, let us welcome this season of Freemasonry with open hearts, open minds, and open arms. Together, we will continue to illuminate the path of light, knowledge, and brotherhood.

Welcome back, Brethren! Let us make this season a remarkable chapter in our shared journey in Freemasonry.

Fraternally yours,

The Prorsum Semper Committee

Prorsum Semper Visit Provincial Grand Lodge

What a day!

Brethren, this is one of those peak days as a Freemason and attendance to Provincial Grand Lodge really must be high on your list.

Prorsum Semper attended in fantastic numbers thanks to the generosity of PGL for reserving a number of spaces specifically for us. The ceremony was conducted with Military precision by Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies WBro Christ West PAGDC and presided over expertly by the Provincial Grand Master, his Wardens and Officers.

The processions of Grand Officers, visiting rulers, provincial officers past and present really is something to behold. From the poignancy of the memoriam to Brethren lost in the past year to the joy of watching those who received their first appointment or promotion it was a truly interesting ceremony over too quickly.

As we waited for the festive board that followed we had the opportunity to meet Brethren from all walks of life each one of them generous with their time and truly interested in those taking their first steps in masonry.

Thank you to all those attending for making it a great day, see you for this one next year!

What are the Benefits to me?

Being engaged with Prorsum Semper will undoubtedly enhance your masonic journey in your early years as a freemason.

  • Expand your masonic friendships
  • Visit different lodges together and experience the subtle variations of each lodge
  • Attend social events for partners, children and friends
  • Attend online and in-person lectures to improve your masonic knowledge
  • Access to a network of like mind Freemasons in a similar position to you
  • Have fun and truly get the most out of Freemasonry
  • Ability to put back in to Freemasonry by helping younger and newer Freemasons as your knowledge develops

How do I Join?

You’re automatically a member of the Light Blue Club as soon as you have been initiated as a Freemason in Gloucestershire, there is no age limit on being a member as it is focused on supporting all new Initiates into Freemasonry. There is no cost involved or annual membership fee however all light blues are encouraged to purchase and wear the club tie.

The club tie can be purchased by attending any of the planned club monthly lodge visits by asking any member of the club committee or contacting the Prorsum Semper team through this website.

A Prorsum Semper online shop will soon be available to purchase from online.