Prorsum Semper was officially established in 2017 as Gloucestershire’s Light Blue Club and has since continued to go from strength to strength.

The club has become an integral and supportive entity within Gloucestershire not just for our members, which include all light Blues from Entered Apprentices to Past Masters, but also to lodges within the Province of Gloucestershire. The club has provided a huge amount of support, including club visits to lodges as well as by performing pieces of ritual or taking office where necessary. During the lockdown we also organised regular online lectures and socials to ensure brethren remained engaged as well as enhancing our knowledge of freemasonry.

Prorsum semper also extols the virtues and importance of bringing Brethren together from other Provinces and have been a driving force in organising inter-provincial lodge visits and socials. We have also held several successful get togethers for family and friends, such as BBQs or informal meals out. These have been very well supported by our members across the Province and pave the way for new members to join the craft by providing a relaxed environment to understand a little more about freemasonry.

A loose translation being ‘Ever forward’ Prorsum Semper has change at its core, it is an organisation with constant renewal at the core of its constitution. Light Blue masons from across Gloucestershire run the day to day administration of the Club via its social media, web pages, WhatsApp groups and personal networks. As our longer serving members inevitably receive their provincial honours new members take their place on the committee.