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Prorsum Semper Festive Social – Record Turnout

The Prorsum Semper Festive Social started life as an impromptu call out to Light Blue Freemasons in Gloucestershire. Prorsum Semper secretary and stalwart, Scott Redpath, set out for a few drinks in Cheltenham in 2022 to celebrate a fantastic year back in lodge following the significant disruptions of the pandemic. This event quickly snowballed into a 25 strong turnout of Freemasons and friends. Indeed, on the official visit to St Lawrence Lodge in October we saw one of the attendees initiated. Which you can read about here.

Fast forward a year: Keen to build on this success, the Prorsum Semper Festive Social was scheduled for 30th December in Cheltenham. This years social did not disappoint, a total turnout of close to 50 was no doubt a welcome spike in takings for the venue. What is even more exciting is that the event was made up of Dark and Light Blue Freemasons and 5 potential candidates all keen to join Gloucestershire Freemasonry in 2024.

The day was a fantastic success and a great example of the social side of Freemasonry that extends beyond our lodge doors. We thank all those that attended to make this event such a great success, most especially those that travelled from as far as Bristol to attend and even one Brother coming back from Devon to make the event.

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