Prorsum Semper’s September Official Visit to St Lawrence Lodge 5928 – 20th September 2023

Freemasonry, a fraternity with deep-rooted traditions and values, has always thrived on the bonds of brotherhood and the initiation of new members into its ranks. Prorsum Semper, the Light Blues Club of Gloucestershire, has been playing an integral role in ensuring the growth and vitality of Freemasonry by fostering connections and introducing potential candidates to this ancient and noble craft. The recent September official visit of Prorsum Semper to St Lawrence Lodge 5928 at the Stroud Masonic Centre was a testament to their commitment and effectiveness in attracting new candidates for Freemasonry.

The highlight of the evening was the initiation of Tony Stuart, a Brother who had attended Prorsum Semper’s social events on previous occasions. Tony’s journey into Freemasonry was excellently performed by WBro John Marsden and his formidable team, showcasing the dedication and precision that underlie the rituals and ceremonies of the craft.

The initiation ceremony was not just a solemn occasion; it was a testament to the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Prorsum Semper fosters within the fraternity. After the initiation, the evening continued with a festive board that featured hearty food and the company of brothers. The power of camaraderie in Freemasonry was on full display, as individuals from diverse backgrounds came together to celebrate Tony’s initiation.

The event saw a strong turnout, with ten Prorsum Semper Brothers in attendance. Among them was WBro Scott Redpath, our Prorsum Semper Secretary, who had just been installed as a Master the night before at St Paul’s Lodge 8229.

The occasion was also made special by the presence of two of the newest Brothers, Neil Jones and Spike Chandler, who have, in the last year, been initiated as Entered Apprentices. Their experience at St Lawrence Lodge was a positive one, and they will undoubtedly share stories of how they were warmly welcomed by the members of this wonderful lodge and the Brothers of Prorsum Semper. The fraternity’s commitment to mentoring and guiding new members was evident in the care and hospitality extended to Neil and Spike.

Assistant Provincial Grand Master Ian Davies, a staunch supporter of Prorsum Semper, was also in attendance, adding to the sense of occasion. His presence underscored the importance of this official visit and the support that Prorsum Semper receives from the wider Masonic community.

Visiting other lodges and engaging with fellow Freemasons is at the heart of Prorsum Semper’s mission. This September official visit to St Lawrence Lodge served as a testament to its success in fostering meaningful connections and introducing new members to the craft.

As Prorsum Semper looks forward to the future, they hope to build on this fantastic attendance and continue their mission of growing and strengthening the Masonic community. The invitation is extended to all to join them at their next meeting at May Hill 8056 on the 28th of November, another lodge that holds a special place in their hearts and is presided over by Prorsum Semper regular WBro Jason Marfell.

In conclusion, the September official visit of Prorsum Semper to St Lawrence Lodge 5928 was a resounding success, reinforcing the bonds of brotherhood and welcoming new members into the Masonic fold. The warm and inviting atmosphere of the evening, coupled with the precision of the initiation ceremony, served as a testament to the enduring appeal of Freemasonry and the dedication of Prorsum Semper in promoting its values and traditions.

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