What is Prorsum Semper?

Prorsum Semper is open to all Gloucestershire freemasons who are below Provincial rank. It is focused on providing a platform for new and younger members of the Craft to find their feet and encourage their involvement within freemasonry beyond their own lodge.

As an organisation of and for Masons newer to the craft, you will find those involved in its leadership and management are familiar faces from among your own Light Blue Brethren; indeed you are encouraged to join that leadership and be involved as much or a little as you can be in promoting those very values.

How do I Join?

You’re automatically a member of the Light Blue Club as soon as you have been initiated as a Freemason in Gloucestershire, there is no age limit on being a member as it is focused on supporting all new initiates into freemasonry. There is no cost involved or annual membership fee however all light blues are encouraged to purchase and wear the club tie.

The club tie can be purchased by attending any of the planned club monthly lodge visits by asking any of the club committee.

What is in it for me?

Engagment with Prorsum Semper will undoubtedly enhance your masonic journey in your early years as a freemason.

  • Widen your Masonic friendships
  • Visit different lodges together
  • Attend social events for partners, children and friends
  • Attend online and in-person lectures to improve your masonic knowledge
  • Have fun!

As well as these wonderful benefits you will have access to a network of like minded Brothers all asking similar questions and helping each other along the journey.